Stratvs - Turn your data into useful information for decision making.
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Generally, in order to obtain useful information for decision making, it is necessary to spend several hours to obtain, treat, validate and present data to the management. In this way, it is difficult to obtain the information when it is most needed.

STRATVS was created for companies that need to have the right information at the time of decision and with accurate data. It is designed to prepare the data of your company in useful information for decision making. Fully oriented to high management, it is a powerful, agile and interactive tool, allowing a significant improvement in its management.

  • Easy to use.
  • Reports in the form of a cube of data.
  • Goal setting by employee, department and company.
  • Accompaniment by shops and groups of stores.
  • Sales follow-up maps (vehicles, sales, workshop and shop).
  • Allows creation of indicators for monitoring.
  • Fully integrated with DEALERNET.
  • It has panels for monitoring of all departments.
  • Generates reports with various display patterns.
  • Allows exports to EXCEL.
  • Adherent to your business.

What sets us apart
Total respect and secrecy with your information.
Quick deployment
We ensure a quick and easy deployment of our systems, so you can manage more objectively.
Focus on efficiency
Our softwares is designed so that you can get maximum productivity in your processes.
Innovative ideas
We understand your business and we are always innovating our solutions.
Qualified professionals
Our professionals have great experience with software development.
Microsoft SQL Server
We use one of the best and most powerful databases on the market.
Cloud solutions
We deliver cloud solutions, accessible from anywhere, quickly and securely.
We love what we do and we love the challenge of turning ideias into the strength of your business.