Marketshare - Have a daily follow-up of vehicle license plates in your area of operation.
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Usually, to daily collect the information of vehicles registered, it is necessary to have dedicated workmanship to collect, to treat and to distribute the data of license plates emplacement of its region or municipality. TELEMETRIX's data collection and data processing system is based on autonomous agents, who automatically collect and process information from external sources, as well as send e-mail to those responsible in an objective manner.

It was created for dealers who wish to have a daily follow-up of the vehicle license plates of their region. Fully based on WEB technology, and using its own methodology, it allows you to collect information and distribute it quickly.

  • WEB environment.
  • Easy to use.
  • Automates the search of information from external sites.
  • Reports based on models, regions, municipalities.
  • Reduction of manual labor and consequent errors.
  • Automatic generation of emails.
  • Detail by brand and sellers.

What sets us apart
Total respect and secrecy with your information.
Quick deployment
We ensure a quick and easy deployment of our systems, so you can manage more objectively.
Focus on efficiency
Our softwares is designed so that you can get maximum productivity in your processes.
Innovative ideas
We understand your business and we are always innovating our solutions.
Qualified professionals
Our professionals have great experience with software development.
Microsoft SQL Server
We use one of the best and most powerful databases on the market.
Cloud solutions
We deliver cloud solutions, accessible from anywhere, quickly and securely.
We love what we do and we love the challenge of turning ideias into the strength of your business.