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The lack of information, coupled with inaccurate data and too much use of spreadsheets, end up generating a delay in evaluating the results of your company. Telemetrix's budget planning system was developed to automate the monthly closing process, allowing More efficient planning. In addition to assisting in the generation of comparative reports, DRE executives, balance sheets and indicators. Fully flexible, it allows integration with market accounting systems.

It was created for companies and establishments that wish to have an effective and agile monitoring of their results. Fully based on WEB technology, it allows integration with the Telemetrix purchasing system, validating predicted versus spent values and allows the preparation of operating budgets by company, branch and department. It also has powerful cash flow, fully configurable.

  • WEB environment.
  • Easy to use.
  • Possibility of operating budget generation.
  • Allows registration of configurable apportions.
  • Assembly of report layouts.
  • Control by companies, branches and departments.
  • It has different accesses according to the hierarchy of your company.
  • Import of accounting data.
  • Allows for postings of managerial adjustments.
  • Integratable with the Telemetrix purchasing system.
  • Integration of files with market accounting systems.

What sets us apart
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We ensure a quick and easy deployment of our systems, so you can manage more objectively.
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Our softwares is designed so that you can get maximum productivity in your processes.
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