Corsia - Have an effective and responsive tracking of your vehicle inventory.
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Usually the purchase orders of vehicles made by your company, require people and extensive manual processes. In this way the information has to be compiled from various reports and access to information that is not always up to date and accurate. The Telemetrix Corsia system was developed to automate this process.

It was created for concessionaires who wish to have an efficient and agile monitoring of their inventories, order book, weekly order cycle and analysis of purchases and sales of vehicles. Fully based on WEB technology, and with the use of statistical methodology, it allows over time an equalization of inventories of new vehicles, besides allowing the follow-up of the orders made versus those actually completed by the automaker.

  • WEB environment.
  • Easy to use.
  • Automates the search of information from the automaker.
  • Suggestion of purchase based on demand, inventory and portfolio.
  • Reduction of manual labor and consequent errors.
  • Automatic generation of weekly shopping suggestion.
  • Detail by company and branch.
  • Statistical methodology in the generation of suggestion.
  • Validate non-conforming requests.
  • Generates stock, purchase, sales and portfolio charts.

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